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Financial Comparison Report

Financial Comparison Report – Today’s Most Powerful Tool for Munis Financial Analysis

This extremely powerful budgeting and financial tool allows you to selectively extract expense, revenue and balance sheet data for the years and months you choose, and it automatically computes differences and percentage changes. As a visual aid, negative changes are shown parenthetically in red type.

Sort your selected data in a primary and secondary sequence by any of the Munis segment fields. For example, in Kentucky, the options would be:

  • Org
  • Object
  • Project
  • Function
  • Unit
  • Program
  • Instructional level

With Financial Comparison Report, you’ll enjoy the ability to drop data from a range of accounts or account segments into an Excel spreadsheet for easy review and further manipulation. You also can store your parameters and retrieve them as needed to run your analysis.

With today’s call for increased transparency in finances, don’t miss this invaluable comparison and planning tool that delivers information that is desirable for board reports.

For more information, contact Sales at 1.800.488.7395 or sales@psst.com.

Financial Comparison Report offers the following benefits:

With Financial Comparison Report, you enjoy the ability to:
  • Save parameter settings
  • Produce report into a universal format in Excel for further analysis and manipulation
  • Ability to see past years of financial data month by month
  • Ability to measure current year’s progress against same periods in past years
  • Ability to filter financial information to your responsible area
  • Selectively extract expense, revenue and balance sheet data for the years and months of your choice
  • Automatically computes differences and percentage changes
  • Ability to choose your levels of detail

Read below what our clients are saying about Financial Comparison Report:

"I use FCR on a monthly basis to compare sub costs, utility costs, etc. for each of our schools and district. We compare four years of data to monitor those costs and to see how our actual costs are trending."

Chief Financial Officer

Check out these Financial Comparison Report presentations:

Financial Comparison Report Screen Shots
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