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Site Based Reporting Tool

Originally developed for Kentucky school districts, the Site Based Reporting Tool replaces days of work by allowing you to set specific parameters and extracting your site based information into a customized Excel spreadsheet. Once the parameters are in place, they only need to be slightly adjusted for the following years and reports are completed in a matter of minutes. The Site Based Reporting Tool is a no brainer for Kentucky school administrators who prepare annual site based reports.

Site Based Reporting Tool contains the following features:

  • Extracts detailed information from the MUNIS data base, thus eliminating the need to keep separate data bases and spreadsheets with this information.
  • Asks you for guiding parameters that control the report.
  • These parameters include
    • Projected enrollment by grade/program
    • Tax information in case taxes will be different next year
    • Amounts and percentages for Section 6, SEEK and Section 3 projected ADA
Excludes predetermined specific pay types and object codes. Specific project codes can be specified for inclusion. Provides a district summary page in Excel. Presents comprehensive information for each site. Gives you incredible power to manipulate the information once the results reside in an Excel spreadsheet. For example, replacing a Rank 1 twenty-year teacher with a Rank 2 twelve-year teacher uses salary tables built into spreadsheets (pulled from MUNIS) to automatically adjust every element of the spreadsheet affected by this change. Allows you to use current year data or any year's projection table.

Site Based Reporting Tool offers the following benefits:

The Site Based Reporting Tool greatly reduces the time, effort and stress of your annual site based reporting. This straight forward product pays for itself by assisting you in more efficiently using your time.