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Laser Check Solution

Created for organizations prior to the development of the MunisTM laser solution, PSST Laser Check Solution streamlines your labor-intensive tasks of printing, signing, handling, folding and stuffing payroll checks, AP checks, W2 forms and other key personnel or financial documents. Our complete print-to-mail document handling solution integrates your MunisTM database with the latest PC-based technology for tremendous time savings, cost savings, and efficiency. All in one simple step!

Laser Check Solution contains the following features:

  • Integrates information directly from your MUNIS database
  • Eliminates additional software or servers
  • Replaces both the envelope and the check/advice
  • Expandable to print other MUNIS information
  • Signs checks as they are printed
  • Prints to many laser printers
  • Prints on either letter or legal size check forms
  • Comprehensive pay lookup information
  • Uses industry standard Crystal Reports giving the client control of the check and advice format

Laser Check Solution offers the following benefits:

  • Simple to use
  • Eliminates multi-part continuous checks
  • Uses preprinted checks or blank checks or direct deposit advices
  • Faster printing on quiet laser printers
  • Ends separate signing process
  • Stops hand-folding and stuffing