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Employee Master Information Sheet

The Short Report That's Long on Detail.

Look no further than Employee Master Information Sheet (emis) when you want solid, concise and complete employee payroll information. Consolidate reporting efforts using multiple MUNIS tables into this one- to two-page report that provides up-to-date, accurate data with demographic, accrual, job specific earning and deduction information.

Employee Master Information Sheet contains the following features:

Employee Master Information Sheet, a Crystal Reports created document, provides the following specific information on each employee:
  • Demographic information including hire data, job class and location, EEO data
  • Job pay earnings with detailed dollar amounts by job class
  • Total deduction information
  • Bank account information
  • Up-to-date accruals to the day the report is printed
  • An optional signature line with an employee specific message box
  • Customizable

Employee Master Information Sheet offers the following benefits:

Only your imagination limits the uses for this simple one- to two-page report !
  • Eliminates confusion and disagreements about payroll information and deductions
  • Provides easy reference in the employee's folder for year-end accrual information
  • Gives complete control over the format with Crystal Reporting
  • Create district's own version of the report, using multiple formats for different purposes