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GASB Reporting

The simplest way to produce complex GASB statements

Choose the only software for Kentucky Finance Officers that provides GASB financial statements for both your MUNIS and non-MUNIS information. Eleven statements are produced on a single spreadsheet with a full audit trail of all figures. The GASB Reporting Solution is one of the simplest tools for complex reporting you will ever use.

GASB Reporting contains the following features:

  • Eleven statements produced
  • All statements are in spreadsheet form with formula calculations
  • Adding and modifying statement lines is easy
  • Non-MUNIS data can be entered and reported
  • Statements can be run multiple times if necessary
  • Detailed audit trail for every statement
  • Statements typically produced in under five minutes
  • Tailored for Kentucky's standard chart of accounts

GASB Reporting offers the following benefits:

  • Will save your auditor time, lowering your auditing fees
  • Save time at a busy time of year
  • Extensive GASB knowledge not required