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American Fidelity BDIA

Processing 125 cafeteria benefits is now fast, simple and safe for school districts. American Fidelity Assurance Company (AFA) and PSST have combined their knowledge and talents, resulting in a truly amazing intelligent bi-directional integration application (BDIA).

Employee benefit data is seamlessly and intelligently extracted from MUNIS, formatted and securely forwarded directly to the agent's laptop where it is combined with corporate information. After the agent and each employee personally review the current benefit information, collectively decide on appropriate changes, updated information is securely passed to the payroll clerk.

The payroll clerk will bring the new information into the AFA – MUNIS BDIA where the new changes are displayed alongside the current MUNIS information. The BDIA electronically reviews the data and highlights deduction changes that might create a problem. Any transaction not aligning properly with the current MUNIS information, including mismatched deduction codes, are brought to the clerk's attention for quick and accurate resolution.

When the review is completed, the changes are imported into MUNIS – no data entry keying required! And, problems are found before payroll, not afterwards.

The American Fidelity BDIA offers a great time-saving feature – Auto Billing Reconciliation. This feature saves districts hours of time as the monthly billing is automatically reconciled by AFA and not the district. Ask your AFA agent about this great, new feature.

American Fidelity BDIA contains the following features:

The two systems work together to provide these features:

  • Moves critical information seamlessly and bi-directionally
  • Provides control of the data by viewing and correcting data prior to import
  • Validates information against the MUNIS database thereby reducing human error
  • Intelligently flags potential areas of concern for quick fixes
  • Prepares updated MUNIS information with the push of a button
  • Eliminates costly data extracts
  • Eliminates transferring FTP files between the systems

American Fidelity BDIA offers the following benefits:

The two systems work as one to provide these benefits:

  • Improves data accuracy
  • Eliminates redundant entry
  • Makes time sensitive data available immediately
  • Streamlines internal procedures
  • Removes isolated "Islands of Information" within the central office
  • Reduces monthly reconciliation costs
  • Greatly Increases employee and payroll productivity
  • Decreases operational costs

Read below what our clients are saying about American Fidelity BDIA:

It’s a very time-saving product. We are a very small district, however, with over 150 employees, it was taking me about a day with interruptions to manually enter the new American Fidelity deductions each year. With this product, PSST enters our new deductions with a simple phone call in less than 45 minutes. Being a small district, we only have two people in the HR/Finance department, so anything we can find to help save time is wonderful.

Finance Officer
It took us 30 minutes or less to go through our deductions. Normally, it would have taken me and our American Fidelity representative about three to four hours to go through all of our deductions and process them manually. I really love the new process!

School District Insurance Coordinator
The AIRUS software saves our payroll clerk many hours of work balancing the monthly AFA billing for many of our 2,000 employees. It really is a time-saving software program and very simple to use.