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Leave Liability Calculator

Regulatory changes in governmental reporting don't have to be costly and time consuming. Not if the right tools are in place to make the job easy! Such is the case with the GASB 34 regulations and the Kentucky GASB Reporting Solution. Designed by Kentucky Finance representatives in the consortium, with technical assistance from the GASB Auditing staff of Strothman & Company, this software takes the confusion and tedious work out of GASB 34 reporting. Both district Finance Officers and Kentucky CPA firms are positively impacted by the time savings provided by the software.

Leave Liability Calculator contains the following features:

With simply 3 mouse clicks the software produces eleven of the most difficult GASB statements listed below:ยท

  • District Wide Net Assets
  • District Wide Activities
  • Proprietary Fund Revenues/Expenses/Changes
  • Proprietary Fund Cash Flows
  • Proprietary Fund Net Assets
  • Fiduciary Fund Changes in Net Assets
  • Fiduciary Fund Net Assets
  • Governmental Fund Balance Sheet
  • Governmental Fund Revenues/Expenses/Changes
  • Non major Governmental Combining Balance Sheet
  • Non major Governmental Combining Revenues/Expenses/Changes

All eleven statements are contained in a single Excel spreadsheet containing a worksheet for each statement. Since you can choose the reporting year, you will be able to recreate prior year's statements to establish beginning figures.

Leave Liability Calculator offers the following benefits:

  • Easy to make changes
  • Greatly reduces the difficulty of GASB reporting
  • No manual work required
  • Creates complete audit trail