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Report Manager

A "best practices" tool for easy and effective reporting.

Report Manager brings simplicity and ease to the task of using Crystal Reports. Now you can save time and eliminate wasted effort as you create and run the correct report in a user-friendly environment, while just as easily storing it and sharing it. Technical and non-technical staff alike will find Report Manager provides the simplest solution for creating, finding, accessing and filing reports that are specific to their job responsibilities.

Report Manager is available as part of either the Reporting Package or standalone.

Report Manager contains the following features:

  • Store reports in report groups designed by you
  • Create and edit names and descriptions for each report
  • Add a report to the program library from any source, including MUNIS views
  • Delete reports from the program library
  • Use built-in security
  • Run reports even without Crystal Reports software
  • Use dozens of specific reports designed by district Finance Officers that are bundled with the Report Manager

Report Manager offers the following benefits:

Report Manager is so easy:
  • Complete over creating, filing and sharing your reports
  • Run reports as effortlessly as selecting a report
  • Easily view report options and understand what each report does
  • Control each user's access to reports appropriate to their job
  • Requires no previous experience with Crystal Reports
  • Download additional reports from the MUNIS website and add to your program library

Read below what our clients are saying about Report Manager:

"Report Manager is very user-friendly and easy to navigate."

Payroll Clerk