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Seamless Data Portal

Seamless Data Portal: A TRUE Data Warehouse—and much more

PSST’s user-friendly, web-based software, Seamless Data Portal (SDP), interfaces with Munis to provide easy, yet controlled, access to a wealth of employee and budget information. Users can produce and email a wide range of reports through the seven modules within SDP, and two new modules, On-line Board Reports and Payroll Review, are coming soon.

Because the SDP data is held in a separate District Data Repository (DDR), your data is available even when you cannot access MUNIS. Plus, you can reduce the number of people accessing data on the MUNIS server by directing non-critical activity to SDP and DDR. Distribute the load and improve performance.

Data your way

Because the DDR is flexible, custom data fields and custom data views are easy to set up. Want a special presentation that provides employee data in a customized view? SDP and DDR is the answer. Need data from multiple systems integrated on one screen or in a more complex view? Let the PSST staff help design a solution that works for you and your district.

ACA-Track™: Affordable Care Act Tracking Software for Munis Users

PSST announces ACA-Track™ - seamless, electronic integration software that will help school districts track the information they need to comply with the Affordable Care Act. Districts can face enormous annual penalties if audits reveal non-compliance. ACA-Track™ is a timely and affordable solution to one of today’s biggest challenges in education administration.

Our software complies with federal guides and will:

  • Provide one location for your ACA-related information, which will eliminate islands of data, using Munis as the official system of record
  • Collect data from relevant sources to eliminate human error and ensure accuracy
  • Electronically and seamlessly integrate with certain substitute and time-keeping packages
  • Eliminate the need to transfer data to other third-party systems
  • Generate advance alerts before an employee exceeds allowable weekly or monthly work hours
  • Electronically verify and collect employee work time
  • Track insurance waivers
  • Consolidate data that would not be collected in a manual environment

Integrated access to SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS)

Need custom reporting for your departments and employees? Only SDP provides integrated SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS) reports from one SDP screen. Custom reports are accessible from SDP with SSRS internal security.

Historical Module:

Do you need to see historical employee and human resources records as they existed at a previous point in time? Seamless Data Portal intelligently and completely captures data records from Munis that are new, altered, deleted or missing. Historical records never disappear, but remain in the District Data Repository (DDR) with the date they no longer were available in MUNIS.

From the time the module is activated, the customizable Historical Data module within SDP tracks employee and position data, such as accruals, earnings, deductions, certifications, position changes and many more. This provides historical data that can identify trends, be helpful with securing union tenure and much more.

Click here to learn about a new enhancement that highlights changed data.

Data Integrity Monitor Module:

Find bad data before you submit required regulatory reports or it causes other problems! Costly payroll, HR and GL Account errors are prevented because this module scours the Munis database for illogical and inaccurate data. Reports of missing, incorrect or changed data can be e-mailed from this module to anyone in the district.

More than 30 passes are available, and additional district-specific passes can be written to meet your specialized needs. Available passes find data such as:

  • bad data in GL accounts, incorrect deductions or pay code
  • mismatches between position control and job salary
  • Records of employees with pay increases over a certain percentage

Payroll Compare:
Compare current payroll results with a previous payroll warrant with differences highlighted on the screen. With one click, earning, deduction and accrual records that are different will appear. Flexible options, such as choosing the earnings codes, deduction/benefit codes and job classes you wish to view, are just one click away. Want to see the permanent changes that have occurred since the last payroll? With one click, they are there for review. This feature allows you to assign employees to a specific payroll clerk so he or she can quickly review just the records for which he or she is responsible. Making payroll easier for everyone, while assuring a correct pay result, are the objectives of this Payroll Review module, which will be available fall 2013.

My Finance Module:

Access comprehensive financial information on one screen, and view full details with one click. This real-time, web-based, user-friendly dashboard provides financial information about budget status, employee FTE counts, positions, allocations, and it even can determine remaining salary. It also provides visual graphs and charts of your Munis data for accounting, budget, expense and revenue needs.

This dynamic system can compare data, track invoices and maintain a count of FTEs and benefits. It splits out detailed payroll data by allocation, showing salary, paid-to date and remaining salary to be paid. It can provide a GL summary, balance sheets and an account of expenses and receivables.

Set up and administration is easy! No IT degree is needed to administer SDP. The information is customizable for any employee or administrator who needs to receive the data. For enhanced transparency, you also can provide board members with access to the Munis data you deem appropriate.

Cost Center Reporting Module:

Need to send financial data to persons without on-line access or those who will not go on-line? Seamless Data Portal can distribute interactive, detailed financial reports via e-mail to other administrators with one click. The process is automated, so you no longer need to print and distribute copies of your financial reports. In addition, the reports are linked back to the local database so your district’s email system is not overloaded.

When your month is closed, just one click will deliver accurate cost center reports in PDF format that include GL account and budget status, open purchase orders, paid invoices, GL transactions and employees and benefits paid. Report recipients don’t even have to be familiar with Munis.

Personnel Rosters Module:

A powerful HR function allows data review from multiple tables, with an optional view of historical data. Users may view job salary, assignment and certification rosters, as well as job descriptions and a variety of pay-related information, all on one screen. Historical query options display data records as they existed at a previous point in time. A powerful HR function allows data review from multiple tables, with an optional view of historical data. Users may view job salary, assignment and certification rosters, as well as job descriptions and a variety of pay-related information, all on one screen. Historical query options display data records as they existed at a previous point in time.

Student Activities Fund Module:

With this financial dashboard, representatives at individual schools can securely view their student activities data, such as beginning and working balances, receipts and expenditures.

Future Modules:

On-Line Board Reports (with optional, limited public access for true school district transparency)
PSST is working on an exciting new feature with the help of a Software Solution Team (SST) that is comprised of representatives from several school districts. Soon, each SST district will choose from numerous reports and even define their own board member reports, graphs and yearly comparisons.

Many board members complain that MUNIS reports are difficult to read because they are not designed for less technical users. With guidance from our SST, PSST is redesigning the reports and developing simple, high-level graphs. We invite you to join the SST so your valued input can help PSST create the most efficient and effective product possible.


Seamless Data Portal contains the following features:

Imagine the ease and convenience of looking at a personalized Seamless Data Portal and being able to review financial information from wherever -- no matter how many different fundraising events are being managed:
  • Fully integrates with MUNIS
  • Provides secure web-based access
  • Tracks funds, balances and approval status
  • Provides information access 24/7 from your district's website
  • Requires no technical expertise
  • Includes training and support
  • Integrates with Tyler Dashboard

Seamless Data Portal offers the following benefits:

PSST specializes in MUNIS integration and provides the user-friendly management tool Seamless Data Portal with these key benefits:
  • Provides secure and instant access to MUNIS balances for funds and organizations
  • Allows easy monitoring of school activity fund balances at a glance
  • Tracks fundraising requests and financial results
  • Ensures due diligence, thereby reducing or even eliminating the possibility of fraud
  • Makes it easy for everyone to use – principals, finance staff, superintendents, club sponsors and other district administrators
  • Offers restrictive users settings for school activities and MUNIS accounts

Read below what our clients are saying about Seamless Data Portal:

“Love this product. It makes sure people are being paid from the correct codes. Beneficial for all.”

Payroll Clerk
“The monthly report e-mails is an excellent feature, and will help with cost control.”

Finance Officer
“This will save us about two hours weekly, so 300 plus hours a year. The quick checks for missing data are beneficial.”

Former Finance Officer
“The information flow is relevant and available. Excellent implementation without district server and support required.”

Finance Officer
“This offers convenience to non-financial administrators without having to learn Munis functionality, etc.”

Finance Director

Check out these Seamless Data Portal presentations:

Come see the details provided by SDP, the modules and the features. Call Bill or Larry at PSST (1-800-488-7395) to schedule your personal live product presentation.
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