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eStub - online payroll made easy

End your complex, time-consuming payroll process with eStub, our secure, paperless, web-based solution. This affordable*, easy-to-use product fully integrates with Munis payroll data, and eStub reduces or eliminates the time you spend compiling and distributing payroll.

eStub eliminates calls for check advices and W2s because employees can view and print the online documents anytime. Employees are able to view advice and year-to-date payroll information, including allocations and accruals, deductions and personal and personnel information. A historical view of the data also is possible, depending upon past entries made in Munis by the district.

While eStub provides a wealth of information to the employee, security is tightly integrated into the software and PSST provides regular security enhancements. An employee must complete authentication procedures to enter the system, and an audit trail of activity is maintained.

The district’s eStub administrator has control over the information that employee’s view. For example, if the district wishes to prepare warrants in advance, employee access can be restricted by excluding check dates from the viewing list. The administrator also can communicate important announcements to employees through a prominent message display area on the home page. The administration of eStub is extremely easy and uncomplicated … another seamless data solution from PSST.

Your district may be able to enjoy the benefits of eStub without the cost! Contact Sales today at 1.800.488.7395 or sales@psst.com to learn more!

eStub - online payroll made easy contains the following features:

eStub combines innovative technology and the power of the Internet to payroll
  • Web-based access to employee payroll check information and W2 information
  • Seamless integration with MUNIS payroll data
  • Administrator controlled check history
  • Easy 24/7 employee access
  • 24/7 SSL online access
  • Payroll history available by pay date
  • Direct print of pay information from web
  • Display messages to users on home page with date range functionality
  • Ability to exclude check dates from list
  • Displays payroll check stubs, employee information and yearly W2's
  • Customizable payroll check layout
  • Quarterly updates for feature and security enhancements
  • Easy-to-use interface

eStub - online payroll made easy offers the following benefits:

The web-based eStub has numerous built-in benefits for both employer and employee:


  • Reduces time to process payroll
  • Reduces year-end inquiries
  • Requires employee authentication for access
  • Eliminates check printing
  • Provides payroll history at a glance
  • Reduces equipment usage
  • Creates supply savings
  • Allows 24/7 online payroll information access (including remote access from home computer with employer approval)
  • Requires employee authentication for access
  • Provides payroll history at a glance
  • Provides W2 online
  • Allows easy, anytime check advice printing

Read below what our clients are saying about eStub - online payroll made easy:

The time saved is remarkable. We were printing direct deposits, stuffing envelopes and taking them to each of our schools. Now, with E-stub, our employees—whether full-time, part-time, board members or students—can check their pay history back for two years and also view their W-2s online. Wonderful product.

Finance and Business Officer
“EStub makes our work more secure than handing out paper stubs, and it also uses fewer resources.”

Director of Business Operations
“With eStub, the employee is informed, it cuts down on mistakes and the employee can identify areas to change or question.”

Finance Director
“eStub saves a lot of time. I don’t have to print check advices, fold them, sort and deliver them to employees.”

Payroll Clerk
"We love it!"

Finance Officer
“We save money on checks, toner and the printer with eStub.”

Payroll Clerk
“I want to give high praise to PSST for this W-2 program. This thing is great. I had always fretted mightily over W-2s and battled the printer and forms. It almost always took the better part of two days to print, tear, sort, etc. My staff and I did ALL of this year’s forms in just about two hours, with NO problems. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone there that helped … GREAT product."

Finance Officer

Check out these eStub - online payroll made easy presentations:

Your district may be able to enjoy the benefits of eStub without the cost! Contact Sales today at 1.800.488.7395 or sales@psst.com to learn more!
Downloadable details about PSST eStub
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Downloadable PDF containing screen shots of the PSST eStub product.
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