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Electronic Professional Development

The ease of the web PLUS the power of MUNIS

A web-based professional development and tracking system, ePD Management completely integrates with MUNIS. This software solution automates your professional development information accurately, efficiently and concisely – bringing together the power of the MUNIS database with the ease of web-based accessibility.

Electronic Professional Development contains the following features:

ePD Management simplifies professional development administration and course registration management through:
  • MUNIS integration
  • Web-based technology
  • Automated e-mail notifications
  • Comprehensive reporting including:
    • Class enrollment forms
    • HQT report – state required
    • Class Rosters
    • Leadership report – state required
    • Waiting Lists
    • Invoices (if applicable)
    • Employee status reports
    • MUNIS journal entry worksheets
    • Location billing reports
    • Mandated No Child Left Behind (NCLB) reports
Extensive tracking with built-in accounting functions Secure, direct access to PD registration and record review Online updated course and section catalog

Electronic Professional Development offers the following benefits:

Now you can electronically record, manage and evaluate the professional development educational opportunities of your staff!

  • Easily track, monitor and evaluate professional development on an individual basis or as a whole
  • Easily determine staff's HQT and leadership status for mandatory or requirement-specific programs such as NCLB
  • Save valuable time managing your staff's professional development activities.
  • Provide secure, direct access to PD registration and attendance data
  • Allow staff members to register for PD programs themselves 24/7 and review and evaluate their PD transcripts to track classes and accumulate PD hours
  • Online catalog (in college format) features comprehensive HQT, certification and training programs, including course descriptions, PD credit hours, and instructor information
  • Track outside registrants in a separate, secure database
  • Eliminate duplicate or redundant data entry

Read below what our clients are saying about Electronic Professional Development:

“My district used to enter PD sessions into an Access database, then register each staff for workshops according to their "Professional Growth Plan." Since there are approximately 1,000 certified and 500 classified staff members to manage, it would take hours to accomplish this task. PSST’s ePD system speeds up the processing time, and there is a web-based registration and tracking system. Being linked with Munis is phenomenal—personnel data is always accurate, which produces accurate reports. Each administrator can pull their staff's PD data at any given time. ‘KUDOS’ to PSST for designing an amazing program.”

Training Specialist, ESS Title II