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With our SubConnect, your substitute management software and HRIS or FMS work hand-in-hand sharing critical Human Resources and Payroll data. As integration specialists, PSST provides a seamless data solution linking the systems together; creating the only seamless integrated solution available today!!

SubConnect contains the following features:

The two systems work together to provide these features:
  • Moves critical information from your substitute management software and HRIS or FMS seamlessly and Bi-Directionally
  • Provides control of the data by allowing access to miskeyed data prior to import
  • Validates information entered into a data system against the your HRIS or FMS database thereby reducing human error
  • Flags potential areas of concern for quick fixes
  • Updates your substitute management software and HRIS or FMS information with the push of a button
  • Eliminates costly data conversions.
  • Resolves control code compatibility issues between systems via internal conversion tables
  • Eliminates transferring FTP files between the systems

SubConnect offers the following benefits:

The two systems work as one to provide these benefits:
  • Improves data accuracy
  • Eliminates redundant entry
  • Makes time sensitive data available immediately
  • Streamlines internal procedures
  • Removes isolated "Islands of Information" within the central office
  • Reduces conversion costs
  • Increases productivity
  • Decreases operational costs

Read below what our clients are saying about SubConnect:

The BDIA from PSST eliminated our need to hire another person for the business office… and now our HR team and SF operator want it from a superior functionality perspective

PSST’s BDIA saves us 20 to 40 hours in preparing data for each payroll period. It practically eliminates hand figuring and keying in for substitutes, and our employees have instant access to their sick time, calendars, etc

Finance Officer
One of the key benefits to PSST’s BDIA for our district is having data available before deadlines, such as pay period end dates.” “PSST personnel have been very accommodating to our needs, especially with respect to some of our more unique circumstances.

Benefits Accountant
With PSST’s BDIA, the information is readily at your fingertips. You can bring all your time and attendance activity into the payroll with ease.

Director of Finance
The BDIA from PSST saves time and money. I am a true fan!

Associate Superintendent
I’m so glad we have PSST’s BDIA. It saves so much time. It’s GREAT!

Payroll Manager
"The BDIA is working great. Keith has done a super job troubleshooting with us. Many thanks to Keith (and Ben) for helping us implement the product."

Owensboro Independent