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PSST: Helping You Get the Most from Munis®

PSST, a software integration and development firm founded in 1990, has been helping educational and governmental agencies leverage the power and potential of Munis® since 1992. The long-term Munis® expert, PSST has developed a comprehensive portfolio of software products that are complementary to the Munis® database, including: seamless bidirectional and intelligent interfaces, analytical data mining tools and enterprise-wide data manager applications, and district specific processing. PSST’s experience and longevity as a Munis®-friendly software developer, as well as our strong customer need focus, makes us uniquely qualified and positioned to help your organization succeed. Click on the tabs below to learn more about how our Munis® expertise can help your organization.

PSST Seamless Data Integration tools facilitate Munis® integration, save resources, automate processes, highlight trends, and aggregate and visualize real-time data. PSST Seamless Data Integration tools are web-based and frequently designed at the request of our partnership organizations across the country. They include electronic dashboards, analytical data drills and business intelligence tools. Additionally, many of the nation’s leading K-12 software databases has been seamlessly integrated with Munis®. For enterprise data management, PSST utilizes a District Data Repository (DDR) concept for the control, management and integration of diverse data from different enterprise-wide databases, powered by an Enterprise Data Manager (EDM) for customized, integrated, real-time data display.
PSST’s training goal is meeting your instructional needs. Class size and specialized materials are never a problem. Our trainers successfully educate groups with 1 to over 200 participants. Plus, whether the training is centered on a Munis® application, Crystal Reports writing, understanding how to access data or more district specific topics, the PSST staff excels in the classroom. Training sessions are completely flexible and can be offered in a conference setting, a classroom setting, and/or on-site at a user's workstation.
If you are a software development organization, our seamless integration services will greatly increase your software's value by seamlessly connecting your application to the Munis® database. Seamlessly integrated data creates an architectural framework of great value to your current and prospective clients. Click here to see our list of strategic partners who are benefitting from seamless solutions from PSST.