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ACA-Track™ for School Districts

Is your school district monitoring employee hours as required?

Are you confident your ACA compliance method or system will 1) collect, 2) monitor and 3) prepare IRS-compliant reports for employee hours actually worked?

PSST's ACA-Track™ can help you meet the challenges of ACA-compliance as your one-source software solution:

  • Fully complies with federal guidelines
  • Fully integrates with your FMS or HRIS, including Munis®, Finance Manager, Info-Matics, WinCap and others. (Link to video)
  • Collects and monitors actual hours worked by all employee types — i.e. paraprofessional, full-time, part-time
  • Collects and monitors actual hours worked from multiple systems (Link to video)
  • Ensures IRS audit preparedness (Link to video)
  • Provides advance alerts before employee thresholds are exceeded
  • Captures time worked via smart phone and other devices that access the Internet (Link to video)
  • Ends time-consuming manual data exporting or importing to eliminate errors and duplication