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Worried about Affordable Care Act Tracking

Publication Date: 10/3/2013 3:45:53 PM

PSST and its clients are exploring ways to most effectively meet the ACA requirements to track, verify, integrate, report and notify. Team with PSST and sleep soundly. Contact LarryR@psst.com and we will call you in the morning.

The ACA requirements are overwhelming for school districts. Finding an effective and efficient solution is high on PSST's task list, as it is for our clients. Using fully functional integration to access data from all data sources is critical, and a PSST specialty.  

Tracking and reporting data for substitutes, part-time employees, paraprofessionals and coaches is challenging. PSST and its vendor partners, such as Aesop and VeriTIme, are working hard to effect solutions that work for our school districts. Share your specific and custom needs with us by contacting PSST President Larry Roach at 1.800.488.7395 or larryr@psst.com.  

If your Financial Management System does not offer efficient ACA tracking, contact PSST.  We want to help.