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eStub Users Will Enjoy New Employee Master Information Sheet Enhancement

Publication Date: 11/25/2013 1:04:12 PM

eStub now offers integrated, comprehensive employee information in its Employee Master Information Sheet. Data such as employee demographics, earnings, deductions, benefits and accrual information is available in one easy-to-print format. One more seamless integration solution from PSST that empowers your staff to efficiently accomplish their work.

New eStub Features:

1. Check grid now has filtering capabilities

2. Check grid allows the user to see all checks at once with a simple one click ‘All’ button, or from the pager dropdown list

3. Bank logos are now present on checks as well as employee info screens

4. Check earnings information has been broken out by location with Cal YTD column added

5. Employee Info sheet now contains EMIS, Employee Deductions Section

6. eStub Admin section now has the ability to turn on/off employee deductions on the employee info screen. It also offers the ability to show only the deductions the payroll staff wish to show

7. Employee Info Sheet Accrual Section has been re-titled to reflect source of information, now reads “MUNIS Accrual Information"