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Publication Date: 12/19/2013 11:57:00 AM

Join us for webinars on working with the modules within the user-friendly web-based software, Seamless Data Portal. The solution provides easy access, along with user restriction controls, to a wealth of employee and budget information, and allows administrators to produce a wide range of reports that can be e-mailed.

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Historical and Personnel Roster Webinar

Monday, January 13—2 p.m. EST

This feature offers employee and position data such as accruals, certifications, position changes and payroll deductions. By tracking information from the time the module is activated, users can receive a historical perspective for trending etc.

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Data Monitor Webinar

Monday, January 27—2 p.m. EST

Costly payroll, substitute and budget errors are prevented because this module scours the database for illogical and inaccurate data. Reports of missing, incorrect or changed data can be e-mailed from this module. Additional district-specific passes can be written to meet your specialized needs.

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Pay Review Webinar

Monday, February 3—2 p.m. EST

This module allows you to view two warrants for comparison. The view provides a break down of employee earnings and deductions and allows the user to verify that the differences have been addressed.

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My Finance/Cost Center Webinar

Monday, February 10—2 p.m. EST

This real-time, web-based dashboard provides financial information, graphs and charts from your Munis data for accounting, budgets, expenses and revenues, and information about individual’s position, location, allocation and salary. The information is customizable for any employee.  People without access to Munis can be have access to Munis data.

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ACA-Track Webinar

Monday, February 24—2 p.m. EST

Assure your district’s compliance and avoid possible penalties with ACA-Track software from PSST. The software provides seamless, electronic integration for tracking each eligible employee.

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SDP Administrator Training Webinar

Monday, March 3—2 p.m. EST

The webinar will familiarize administrators with the administrative functions of Seamless Data Portal, such as setting up users, defaults, pay types, etc.

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