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SDP enhancement highlights changed data

Publication Date: 7/14/2014 1:55:07 PM

PSST clients value Seamless Data Portal’s (SDP) Historical Module because it allows them to view changed data over time—an important tool for trend tracking and decision making.

Clients tell us it would be helpful to see exactly what data has changed each time a record is updated, so we’re responding with a new software enhancement that highlights changed data.

The highlight feature, which will be available August 15, 2014, includes many employee-related tables, position control and control table data in the historical view, such as:

Employee Accruals                         

Employee Address                          

Employee Assignments

Employee Certifications                

Employee Deductions                    

Employee Dependents

Employee Emergency Contacts   

Employee I-9 Data                         

Employee Job Salary

Employee Master                           

Employee Skills                               

Employee Telephone Data

Employee User Field Data            

Position Control History Allocation Codes

Bargaining Unit                               

G/L Segments                                  

Job Class Codes


Pay Type Codes                

Payroll Misc Codes

Personnel Misc Codes                   

Salary Table Data                           

Work Locations

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