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New PSST Employees Signal Expansion in HR Management Solutions and Services

Publication Date: 9/18/2014 2:24:03 PM

PSST Welcomes New Director of Client Success, Adds Senior Application Designer

PSST, LLC, a Louisville-based regional provider of seamless data integration solutions, has named Carl L. Williams as its new Director of Client Success Services and added C. Brian Marks as a Senior Application Designer.


Williams is a former human resources administrator for the Jefferson County Public School (JCPS) District and is a candidate for his Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Organizational Development at the University of Louisville. In this newly created role, Carl will lead the Client Success Team as the company addresses the growing need for robust human resource management software and data integration for K-12 school districts nationwide.


Marks, a seasoned IT professional, brings more than 20 years’ experience in database administration, development, design and warehousing, as well as software development and analysis and programming. His previous engagements include Norton Healthcare, Ready2Ride, Inc., and ZirMed, Inc. Marks’ will be responsible for the design and development of applications to meet the growing needs PSST clients.


According to PSST President Larry Roach, the new personnel additions represent the company’s commitment to expanding and enhancing its Client Success services, as well as integration solutions for K-12 school districts that utilize the Munis® financial management system.


“Our goal is to provide the products and services that will improve productivity for education administrators at the K-12 district level, especially those seeking to maximize their use of Munis,” Roach said. “We believe having PSST leadership with field experience and an expanded development team will be invaluable in meeting the growing demand of our clients for relevant and robust products and service.”