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ACA-Track for TPAs, brokers and the benefits Industry is now available

Publication Date: 12/22/2014 7:42:12 PM

PSST announces ACA-Track Commercial suited for Third Party Administrators, Professional Employment Organizations, Brokers and others involved in the insurance industry. AND, PSST ACA-Track Commercial works for non-Munis school districts!

Yes, the powerful, easy to use, collect, monitor and report software, ACA-Track, is NOW available to a broad range of users.  

  • Monitor all employees with accurate status codes generated by ACA-Track - easy to understand
  • Three easy clicks and everyone you need to monitor or review is in the grid with weekly and monthly averages - quick, time savings
  • Initial employee measurement periods, employer measurement period, automatically determined by ACA-Track - worry free monitoring
  • Easy employer and employee event tracking for summer breaks and employee extended unpaid leaves automatically excluded from the averages - convenient
  • One click IRS audit response report - no sleepless nights
  • IRS reporting - no worries
  • Everything you need to see in one easy grid with sorting, filtering, grouping and one-click Excel export - efficient
  • ACA does not have to be difficult, PSST ACA-Track makes it easy, quick and efficient - the best option for you!

contact PSST at 1-800-488-7395 or visit www.aca-track.com