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PSST Prepares Clients for Munis Upgrade

Publication Date: 2/4/2015 4:21:47 PM

PSST wants to ensure their clients do not experience any disruption with PSST integration software, as sites migrate to Munis version 11.2

As you schedule your  district upgrade to MUNIS version 11.2, PSST is asking clients to share their intended upgrade dates with the PSST Client Success Team as well. PSST will automatically schedule the redirection of its web-based and desktop software (including Productivity Suite, Aesop BDIA, Seamless HR and ACA-Track) to sync with each individual organization’s Munis update.

If you have any questions regarding the Munis upgrade and your organization’s PSST integration software, please contact: Keith Kucler, Client Success/Data Integrations Manager, keithk@psst.com.