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New Enhancements Releases Rollout for ACA-Track™

Publication Date: 2/27/2015 11:20:20 AM

ACA-Track™, the single software solution to collect and monitor employee hours and create IRS report for Affordable Care Act compliance, continues to provide new feature and enhancement releases.

At present, releases 4.3.0 and have been distributed to all current ACA-Track users. ACA-Track’s release 4.2.4 will arrive at the early adopter/Beta sites within the next two weeks. Items covered in these releases include:


  1. Expanded capability on the Employee IRS audit report.
  2. A graphical dashboard has been released, and further enhanced in 4.2.4.
  3. New data grid features have been added to improved ACA coordinator efficiency. Efficient 3-click solution to see everyone who should be reviewed.
  4. A more efficient method of finding and reviewing employees with individual measurement periods. Weekly and monthly averages effective through each individual measurement period ending date. Two clicks and everyone with an ending initial measurement periods are quickly computed and presented for consideration.
  5. Improved deduction code, job code, pay code and admin processing, now with warning flag when new items have been added to Munis, but not properly set in ACA-Track.
  6. Additional administrative parameters added for even more custom processing.
  7. ACA-Track Reference Guide updated with many more FAQs and answers.
  8. A comprehensive data dictionary and color-coded import template is now available for non-Munis® and commercials sites.
  9. The snapshot visual presentation has been enhanced and made more intuitive
  10. Additional grid color-coding to improve error or illogical data recognition.
  11. Enrichment of the manual employee health insurance waiver processing within the ACA-Track Events Tracking feature.
  12. Enrichment with additional color-coding and data checking for the employer 4-week+ leave and the employee 4-week+ leave processing. Illogical data flagging has been added to the error checking routines.
  13. Greatly enhanced the data load routines providing quicker data grid loading.
  14. Historical snapshot advances.
  15. Rename snap shot capability.
  16. General bug fixes and regulation refinements.