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Register for W2s in a Snap

Publication Date: 9/25/2015 10:57:31 AM

PSST’s W2s in a SNAP! program is designed to provide Munis® school districts with an affordable, easy method to create their W2s.

Since W2s are only needed on an annual basis, the procedures required to produce them are not familiar to some districts. As a result, significant time is required to complete this task.


PSST is pleased to offer a simpler method! W2s in a Snap! provides a complete solution for producing W2s with minimal involvement from district personnel.


  1. You connect remotely with a PSST representative from the comfort of your own district office.
  2. PSST verifies your W2 balancing, prints, folds, and seals all your district W2s.
  3. Snap! Ready for distribution!


Deadline to register is October 16, 2015.


To learn more about available W2s in a Snap! service options and pricing, click here to download the 2015 “W2s in a Snap! Pricing & Order Form”.


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