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Good-bye Loader; Hello LAUNCHPAD!

Publication Date: 6/2/2016 5:47:33 PM

Client Data Loader evolves to Client Data Launchpad 3.0

Talk about your evolutions!
Client Data Loader, make room for Client Data Launchpad 3.0!

The ACA-Trackā„¢ feature previously referenced as the Client Data Loader, will soon re-release under the new name of Client Data Launchpad 3.0 and take data loading to a "whole nother level."

QC Testing and User Manual Development are nearly complete and we anticipate release on or before June 6. Training webinar invites for this enhancement are forthcoming as well! Existing PSST Partners & Clients will be the first to receive news of the release and webinar opportunities (via email). Everyone else? Stay tuned right here!