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As Educators take a break, PSST Academy is ramping up!

Publication Date: 6/2/2016 6:46:41 PM

Best Practices and Software Education are in high demand.

PSST Academy is on a Mission to Educate and Train
This summer, optimize your capabilities through learning!

The PSST Academy was developed by PSST Client Success Advisors and Management to meet recognized needs for education. While Partners & Clients have resources at their avail, the value of these resources are only exploited when users know and exercise the full range of their resource capabilities.

Users could spend extended manhours attempting to self-educate. Management could hire the respective resource consultants to come in and train on ‘the more you want to learn, the more it’s going to cost’ plan. Or, you can check out PSST Academy.

PSST Academy is currently hosting a number of FREE webinars to facilitate its Partners & Clients in the industry requirements and software put before them. And more complimentary webinars will be made available in July and August as well. Who doesn’t have time to pop in some earbuds and link into learning designed to free up your time going forward?

To get started, check out the links below and begin registering!