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It’s here; ACA-Track™ Client Data Launchpad 3

Publication Date: 6/6/2016 8:06:14 PM

ACA-Track™ CDL 3.0 will improve data integrity and overall process flow. These newfound efficiencies will allow you to maximize efforts without maximizing your workday!

CDL 3.0 with in-app editing capabilities, offers users more data control:

  • The ability to see data in real time

  • Immediate receipt of error notifications

  • Edits on the fly, right there in the app

  • Confirmation of data viability

  • Viewing of submissions

CDL 3.0 Webinars!

In conjunction with the release of CDL 3.0, PSST is offering complimentary webinars to educate on its features and functionality. Instruction will be followed by a Q&A session to allow attendees to pose questions specific to their operational particulars. There are still webinar sessions available July 12 & 14.

Who Should Attend?

All those involved in the data collection and management process that impact the employee information required to maintain ACA compliance. Better process knowledge on the front end provides more viable data for IRS submission.

PSST Partners & Clients have received webinar information via email.  If you did not receive notification or have questions regarding webinars please reach out to your Client Success Advisor or email your request.

Catch YOU at the Webinar!