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Meet the KASHRM National Meeting Scholarship Recipient!

Publication Date: 10/20/2016 3:27:20 PM

Sponsored by PSST and its Partners

Ms. Fay Mann  is an HR Specialist in the Finance department of the Pendleton County School District in Falmouth, Kentucky. The Pendleton District has focused the past four years of its efforts and budget into moving its students forward and with great success. Two of its schools have already moved into the ‘Distinguished’ category and the district as a whole, is only 1.4 points from becoming ‘Distinguished’ as well.

This makes the selection of Ms. Mann even more rewarding for PSST and its partners, American Fidelity and Frontline, who contributed the funding of the scholarship. PeopleAdmin was also a benefactor in that funding. The scholarship, awarded at the KASHRM conference on September 13, provided for Ms. Mann’s travel, lodging and full conference package to attend the 2016 AASPA Conference in Orlando, Florida.

The AASPA Conference took place October 11-14 and our own Sales Manager, Bill Fowle, was able to meet Ms. Mann who shared firsthand the wealth of information she was gleaning to take back to her district. She was excited for the opportunity to attend and expressed her appreciation for the funding contributed by PSST. Ms. Mann is pictured at center with Mr. Fowle at right, and KASHRM President, Ms. Jennifer Wooley, at left.

Congratulations again Ms. Fay!