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K12 Case Studies for ACA-Track™

Publication Date: 11/11/2016 12:46:43 PM

ACA-Track Brings Results to Large and Small K12 Districts

The compliance and reporting mandates of the Affordable Care Act affects employers with more than 50 full-time employees. K12 districts meeting these criteria often face unique issues when it comes to fulfilling the mandate for tracking and reporting to remain compliant.

ACA-Track™ provides Affordable Care Act compliance and reporting services to nearly 200 K12 districts of all sizes throughout the United States, including 101 Kentucky systems. Developed by PSST, ACA-Track has a specialized approach for the different needs of collecting, monitoring and reporting ACA data for K12 districts.

These four case studies demonstrate ACA-Track’s ability to adapt to the various sizes and needs of K12 districts, including different financial, payroll and HR systems. You are invited to click on the links below to learn the comprehensive and versatile nature of ACA-Track.

Murray Independent School District – 400 Employees

Graves County Schools - 800 Employees

Ft. Worth Independent School District – 15,592 Employees

Jefferson County Public Schools – 20,000 Employees