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7 Reasons to Attend K12 Training Summit

Publication Date: 8/24/2017 3:13:28 PM

A Different K12 Training Experience! By Carl L. Williams, Sr. PSST Chief Operations Officer

Here are 7 reasons why this year’s PSST Academy K12 Training Summit promises to be a radically different learning experience and why you should plan to attend:

1. Engage with your software through hands-on learning.

PSST Academy K12 Training Summit sessions have been designed with a specific user experience in mind. Our training format will allow you to engage with your software in a meaningful way. Our goal is to help you avoid the usual challenge of getting back in the office and never implementing what you have learned. (All attendees are encouraged to bring a laptop computer.)

2. Connect to your district Munis™ data LIVE while training.

You will be able to access your district’s own Munis™ data remotely and securely during your training, so your learning is specific to your software environment. This makes learning more practical, and it will give you a real sense of your ability to implement confidently once you are back in your district. (So be sure to bring a laptop computer.)

3. Learn from experienced K12 professionals.

People who have had your experiences at the district level will lead you to better ways to do everyday tasks by offering insights, best practices and proven approaches.

4. Learn through cooperative and interactive sessions.

You won’t just be sitting here listening to a presenter. You will be part of the learning experience through interactive, real-time polling and learning exercises that require your participation.

5. Network with peers.

The PSST Academy K12 Training Summit will offer plenty of opportunity to network with your K12 peers and share insights, experiences and unique perspectives.

6. Ask questions. Get answers.

Opportunities for Q&A are built in to every PSST Academy K12 Training Summit training session and allow for robust discussions and interactions with trainers and other attendees.

7. Plan to have fun.

While Louisville has plenty to offer any visitor, PSST Academy K12 Training Summit attendees will have an opportunity to choose from a variety of outings that include Evan Williams Bourbon Experience, Louisville Jack O’ Lantern Spectacular and some retail therapy at The Outlet Shoppes of the Bluegrass.

Make plans to attend the 2017 PSST Academy Training Summit,
October 19-20, Louisville Kentucky.

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