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Quick Tip for using the Salary Projections Option in Munis™

Publication Date: 9/8/2017 1:03:20 PM

By Edris Humphrey; PSST Client Success Manager, Education & Training & Susan Farlee; PSST Client Success Advisor

Have you ever been asked how much a 2% (or 1%) raise would cost your employer?

If you are in a financial leadership position, you have been asked this question every year as part of the financial planning process for the next year.

For many employers, such as with school districts, it is not as simple as adding a percentage to the current budgeted salaries. Step increases, grade increases, etc., should be taken into consideration in determining future salaries. The employer-share of salary benefits also should be calculated.

Many times, the salaries and related expenses… (click here to continue reading)

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