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Texas goes for PSST!!!

Publication Date: 6/14/2013 7:15:38 PM

Socorro ISD and McKinney ISD recently joined Canyon ISD, Humble ISD and Irving ISD as PSST’s newest Texas partners.

Welcome Socorro ISD.

PSSTstaff for the Socorro ISD in Texas. Unique district requirements is a PSST specialty and working with Socorro ISD Finance Department to accomplish their goals and objectives is exciting.

Welcome McKinney ISD

Improving staff efficiency and effectiveness was the McKinney ISD order of the day. After spending two days listening to the problem, the McKinney staff and the PSST staff worked together devising the solution - a new Seamless Data Portal module - Payroll Compare.

This exciting solution will:

  • Compare two payroll warrants
  • Determine differences by employee
  • Detail earning and deduction records
  • Present the records for easy review by the McKinney payroll staff

Differences are quick identified for verification or correction, ensuring an accurate payroll for the McKinney ISD employees.  Not every district is this proactive in their payroll processing, but those who are will appreciate the thoughtfulness of the PSST and McKinney team.