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PSST Consortiums: Partnership, Solutions & Discounts

PSST developed the Consortium concept in 1995 to partner with Kentucky school districts that seek to effectively harness the power of the Munis® financial management system.

PSST Consortium members realize significant savings in personnel hours and financial resources by using PSST products and services. Also, Consortium members collectively determine mutual needs for finance, human resources and payroll solutions, and then share the cost of solution development.

PSST Consortiums provide consistent, reliable and cost-effective access to:
  • software solutions, such as Productivity Suite Modules
  • integration services (may be customized)
  • training (state-wide, regional and at your district)
  • significantly discounted service and support plans
  • highly responsive client support (we answer our phones—usually on the first ring!)

The Kentucky Consortium

PSST is proud to serve 95 Kentucky School Districts currently through the KEEIS* Consortium. Many districts have been in the Consortium since its inception in 1995.

Affordable to All
PSST offers a tiered Partnership Plan based on the number of students served by the district. Such a tiered subscription allows even the smallest Kentucky school districts to enjoy the many benefits of KEEIS Consortium membership.

As school districts continue to “do more with less,” making a small investment in KEEIS Consortium membership will help your district reap big savings. Contact us today by clicking here, or by calling 1.800.488.7395.

* Kentucky Education Executive Information System

The Louisiana Consortiums

Several school systems in Louisiana recently elected to form the LEEIS Consortium. Inaugural members are: Central Community School System, Beauregard Parish School Board, Tangipahoa Parish School System and Livingston Parish Public Schools. The Consortium's first meeting will be held in early April.

PSST seeks additional LEEIS Consortium members so more Louisiana school systems can enjoy the benefits and the economy of scale that is realized by an increasing number of members. A small investment in LEEIS Consortium membership helps districts reap big savings. Contact us today by clicking here, or by calling 1.800.488.7395.

* Louisiana Education Executive Information Solutions

Opportunities for Additional State Consortiums

PSST is ready to replicate the Consortium model for Munis®-using school districts in other states. Contact us today to explore this opportunity by clicking here, or by calling 1.800.488.7395.

Other benefits for KEEIS Consortium partners include:
  • Software updates for all licensed products at no charge (this benefit alone pays for most districts’ annual consortium fee)
  • Software design and objectives feedback from other consortium partners, determining which product need and function
  • Networking common problems and resolutions
  • Technical tips and other pointers of the industry
  • Priority assignment of PSST staff for onsite support visits and telephone support with exclusive 1-800 number
  • Participation in the KEEIS list server, communicating between consortium members to advance their administrative system and functions
What does KEEIS stand for? KEEIS is a registered trademark of PSST, LLC which stands for Kentucky Education Executive Information System. The KEEIS Financial and Personnel products provide the ultimate integration of school district administrative software applications in Finance and Personnel with the Munis® information system that saves both time and money for any school district.

Do I have to belong to the KEEIS Consortium to purchase your software or services? Absolutely not, all KEEIS products and services are available for purchase outside any partnership requirements.

Call PSST Today!

If you have a need to make Munis® work better for you and your organization, give us a call today, at 1-800-488-7395 or click here to use our contact page! We have over 20 years experience helping Munis® customers integrate other systems with Munis®, making everyone's lives and jobs easier.