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Custom Application Development

PSST built a positive reputation developing customized add-on Munis™ Integration Solutions. Through our partnership with over 80 Munis™ using organizations, we collaborated to develop reporting utilities, integration solutions and many other specialized software applications. Our development team is Microsoft Certified, Munis™ knowledgeable, experienced, and ready to serve your organization today!

Listen to what our customers have to say about PSST:

  • Product: eStub
    The time saved is remarkable. We were printing direct deposits, stuffing envelopes and taking them to each of our schools. Now, with E-stub, our employees—whether full-time, part-time, board members or students—can check their pay history back for two years and also view their W-2s online. Wonderful product.

    Finance and Business Officer
  • Product: eStub
    “EStub makes our work more secure than handing out paper stubs, and it also uses fewer resources.”

    Director of Business Operations
  • Product: AIRUS Desktop
    It took us 30 minutes or less to go through our deductions. Normally, it would have taken me and our American Fidelity representative about three to four hours to go through all of our deductions and process them manually. I really love the new process!

    School District Insurance Coordinator

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If you have a need to make Munis™ work better for you and your organization, give us a call today, at 1-800-488-7395 or click here to use our contact page! We have over 20 years experience helping Munis™ customers integrate other systems with Munis™, making everyone's lives and jobs easier.