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Custom Application Development

PSST built a positive reputation developing customized add-on Munis™ Integration Solutions. Through our partnership with over 80 Munis™ using organizations, we collaborated to develop reporting utilities, integration solutions and many other specialized software applications. Our development team is Microsoft Certified, Munis™ knowledgeable, experienced, and ready to serve your organization today!

Listen to what our customers have to say about PSST:

  • Product: SubConnect
    "The BDIA is working great. Keith has done a super job troubleshooting with us. Many thanks to Keith (and Ben) for helping us implement the product."

    Owensboro Independent
  • Product: Seamless Data Portal
    “This offers convenience to non-financial administrators without having to learn Munis functionality, etc.”

    Finance Director
  • Product: SubConnect
    The BDIA from PSST saves time and money. I am a true fan!

    Associate Superintendent

Call PSST Today!

If you have a need to make Munis™ work better for you and your organization, give us a call today, at 1-800-488-7395 or click here to use our contact page! We have over 20 years experience helping Munis™ customers integrate other systems with Munis™, making everyone's lives and jobs easier.