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Custom Reporting: Affordable, Seamless Solutions

Seamless is the solution.

PSST, the specialist in MUNIS integrations software, offers affordable custom reports created just for MUNIS users. You set the specifications according to your environment and business rules, and we make the solutions seamless by creating reports that meet your unique needs, including:
  • Seamless Data integration reporting from two or more databases as though they are one
  • Department-specific reports like Deferred Compensation reports
  • State-specific reports like Site Based Reporting and GASB 34 Reporting
  • Enhanced standard “canned” system reports with additional field information.
Other examples of custom reporting include:
  • Salary contract letters
  • Employee information notification
  • Insurance & retirement reporting
  • Orders of the treasurer
  • Purchase order & vendor paid reports
  • Certification & training reporting
Click below to learn more about PSST Custom Reports are the seamless solution for your unique reporting needs:

PSST Custom Reports offer these features:
  • Fully integrate with MUNIS as needed
  • Accommodate two or more data bases seamlessly
  • Web-based accessibility
PSST Custom Reports offer these specific benefits:
  • MUNIS integration eliminates redundancies and potential errors
  • Save time by pulling from multi-databases simultaneously
  • Easy use and access for all designated users