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Seamless Integration Solutions

PSST provides database integration solutions that help school systems, municipalities and businesses increase the efficiency and effectiveness of human resources, finance and payroll management. Our solutions are customizable cloud-based and desktop applications that are seamless, intelligent and bi-directional. If your interpretation of this is flat file transfer between systems, let PSST demonstrate true automated, electronic, bi-directional and intelligent (your business rules) integration. There is a better way!

Munis® Expertise

PSST has more than 25 years’ experience in helping organizations harness the power of Munis® with HR management database integration solutions. Our newest Munis®-compatible solutions include:

ACA-Track™ - Monitor and capture employees' actual time worked versus scheduled time, and provide proof of complete Affordable Care Act compliance for electronic IRS reporting. Available now to meet the January 1, 2015 ACA compliance requirements (click to read more).

HRConnect - Simplify and completely automate recruitment, management and electronic communications—including electronic signatures—with applicants, new hires, employees and substitutes (click to read more).

Client Success

The PSST team provides highly responsive customer support to maximize client success. You will reach a live person when you call—usually on the first ring—and you will receive a same-day response from one of our client success team members.

Whether we are helping you harness the power of Munis® or another financial management or HR system, our integration experts will work closely with you for complete customization for your individual needs.

Contact us today (1.800.488.7395 or clientsupport@psst.com) to learn more about PSST’s seamless solutions.

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