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Partner Plans

Preferred partner

  • Phone and online consulting provided at a reduced hourly rate, with an annual purchase of 40 hours
  • All 40 hours may be used anytime during normal business hours for phone/online consulting (consulting time beyond 40 hours billed at the reduced partner rate)
  • Preferred Partners enjoy 15% off most PSST software purchases
  • Preferred Partners receive priority phone consulting
  • Unused time may roll over to the next year at a 75% rate, when renewing Preferred Partnership
  • Time rolled over may be applied to product purchases, development, training or online/phone consulting
  • First year can be dedicated 100% towards development
  • Discounted "on-site" rates

Classic partner

  • Attends three conferences each year
  • Any paid district staff member may attend
  • Determines mutual needs within the consortium and develops cost-shared programs to meet these needs
  • Exchanges ideas with partner districts to increase proficiency
  • Integrated district level administrative software and systems at a significant discount
  • Software updates for most licensed products at no charge
  • Optional service and support plans at a reduced cost
  • Priority assignment of PSST staff for onsite support visits and phone support including an 1-800 number
  • Software design and objective feedback from other consortium partners, determining which products they need and how they work
  • The Consortium provides a consistent, reliable avenue for software solutions, integration services, and training to enhance the users ability to use Munis®

As you go partner

  • Phone consulting and online assistance is provided on an 'as needed' basis for a flat hourly rate (minimum of 15 minutes)

Block partner

  • Blocks of 10 consulting hours are purchased at a reduced rate (over the "as you go" rate)
  • If the block is exceeded, service is provided at the "as you go" rate or additional block(s) may be purchased
  • Unused time expires one year from purchase

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