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RSS Feeds

What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a XML-based format that lets you subscribe to websites and blogs. Subscribing to an RSS feed lets you see updated information quickly and easily in a single interface (even from multiple sources). RSS enables you see what's new on your favorite sites without having to visit them all individually. The most common tool users will need to subscribe to a RSS feed will either be a news reader or aggregator. These tools can be web based or stand-alone programs.

Available RSS Feeds

All PSST RSS Feeds All PSST RSS Feeds
ACA Commercial RSS Feed ACA Commercial
AFA eDirect RSS Feed AFA eDirect
AIRUS Desktop RSS Feed AIRUS Desktop
Electronic Professional Development RSS Feed Electronic Professional Development
eStub RSS Feed eStub
HRConnect RSS Feed HRConnect
InfoJar.org RSS Feed InfoJar.org
PCard Interface RSS Feed PCard Interface
PDE: Sync Service Loader RSS Feed PDE: Sync Service Loader
PPS: Employee Information Sheet RSS Feed PPS: Employee Information Sheet
PPS: Financial Comparison RSS Feed PPS: Financial Comparison
PPS: KY GASB Reporting RSS Feed PPS: KY GASB Reporting
PPS: Laser AP Check RSS Feed PPS: Laser AP Check
PPS: Laser Payroll Check RSS Feed PPS: Laser Payroll Check
PPS: Laser W2 Form RSS Feed PPS: Laser W2 Form
PPS: Leave Liability Calculator RSS Feed PPS: Leave Liability Calculator
PPS: MICR Fonts RSS Feed PPS: MICR Fonts
PPS: Personnel Query RSS Feed PPS: Personnel Query
PPS: Report Manager RSS Feed PPS: Report Manager
PPS: Site Based Allocations RSS Feed PPS: Site Based Allocations
Productivity Suite RSS Feed Productivity Suite
SDP:  Time Capture RSS Feed SDP: Time Capture
SDP: Affordable Care RSS Feed SDP: Affordable Care
SDP: Board Reports RSS Feed SDP: Board Reports
SDP: Compensated Absences RSS Feed SDP: Compensated Absences
SDP: Cost Center Reporting RSS Feed SDP: Cost Center Reporting
SDP: Data Monitor RSS Feed SDP: Data Monitor
SDP: Munis Historical RSS Feed SDP: Munis Historical
SDP: My Finance/Dept Reports RSS Feed SDP: My Finance/Dept Reports
SDP: Payroll Compare RSS Feed SDP: Payroll Compare
SDP: Personnel Rosters RSS Feed SDP: Personnel Rosters
SDP: PSST Reporting Services RSS Feed SDP: PSST Reporting Services
SDP: Student Activity RSS Feed SDP: Student Activity
Seamless Data Portal RSS Feed Seamless Data Portal
SubConnect RSS Feed SubConnect
Talent Ed Recruit Hire BDIA RSS Feed Talent Ed Recruit Hire BDIA