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SeamlessHR – Your Comprehensive, Paperless
   Applicant and Employee Software Solutions

We have a one-word answer to the question that we’re most often asked by TalentEd Recruit and Hire users—“How can applicant data be moved into SeamlessHR?” Answer: Electronically!

PSST’s new, affordable SeamlessHR software allows you to filter applications and paperlessly communicate with applicants, employees and departing staff. It electronically exchanges data between the Munis® financial management system and Applitrack™, a collection of online HR solutions, to significantly simplify your HR functions.

With easy-to-use SeamlessHR, you now can onboard new employees, manage forms, collect data, review electronic documents and utilize electronic signatures—all while keeping Munis® as your system of record.

SeamlessHR saves time, eliminates errors and allows you to:

  • Create new hire records in Munis®
  • Utilize electronic signatures
  • Utilize workflow and approval processes to review and forward electronic documents
  • Synchronize data in both databases
  • Paperlessly onboard new employees
  • Create and manage electronic forms

For more information about how SeamlessHR can simplify your district’s human resource functions, please call 1.800.488.7395, or click here to send us an E-mail message.

Customer Testimonials

"PSST sets the standard in helping school districts solve problems. It’s also great to find out about new products that we can use to save time and enhance productivity for our employees."

— Paul Dean, Finance Officer, Garrard County

"The SeamlessHR product is extremely exciting. It will save time and money streamlining the hiring/HR process."

— Adrienne Cruse, HR Manager, Henderson County

"PSST is always looking for better technology enhancements and ‘easier-for-employer’ ideas. Glad you are out there for us!"

— Trish Gosney, Finance Officer, Dayton Independent