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W2's in a Snap!

The W2's in a Snap! program provides Munis® users with a complete solution for affordably creating W2s quickly and with minimal effort from payroll/human resources personnel. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 …

  1. Connect remotely with a PSST representative from the comfort of your office, and he or she will prepare your employee W2s, along with copies for employer records. We also offer on-site assistance, if you prefer.
  2. PSST verifies your W2 balance, then prints, folds, seals and ships your district’s W2s overnight, right to your door. We also can assist with electronic W2 file transmittal to federal and state agencies.
  3. You distribute the W2s to your employees, and—SNAP—your annual work is done!
For complete details or to arrange for W2s in a Snap service, please contact Keith Kucler, Client Success Manager, at 1.800.488.7395 or keithk@psst.com .

Here are what our customers are saying about W2 in a snap!

It is very helpful. Did it myself for years and was always stressed when printing them.  Hated it! Love doing it this way!
Darlene, Finance Officer

I love working with PSST. With the high demands and many duties we have in the finance department, taking advantage of W2s in a Snap! gave me the reassurance that our information is submitted and printed for staff while I complete other duties that require my immediate attention. I would recommend PSST to everyone!!!!!!
Kelley Deerfield, Finance Officer

It is a great service. Takes all the worries out of doing W2s. I wouldn’t do it any other way.
Chris Kidwell, Finance Director

Using W2s in a Snap! saved me so much time and trouble. I knew the work done by PSST staff would be accurate and timely. Keith was wonderful to work with. I would recommend W-2’s in a Snap for anyone that could use that time doing other things on their ‘to do’ list.
Kathy King, Finance Officer

W2s in a Snap is exactly what is. Keith showed up at our office with supplies in hand and did his magic in a snap! This is one less worry as a Finance Officer that I don’t have to take on. From start to finish …. Keith is in charge. Thank you Keith.
Angie Anderson, Finance Officer

I have had a great experience with Keith for the past two years in helping me complete my W2s. It completely takes the stress off of me when it comes to balancing, lining up the W-2s and the worry of not having enough ‘tax’ knowledge. Keith literally completes them in a ‘snap’ for me, and I just print and mail them. He is so knowledgeable in Munis® also. PSST is wonderful already and this service just adds icing to the cake!
Tammy Baxter, Payroll & Benefits Director

… after an approximate 30-minute phone call with Keith, I am done. Signed, sealed and delivered. No struggling with form definitions and trying to figure out what goes where and what the new requirements might be. This is some of the best money we ever spent!
Susan Farlee, Finance Officer